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The Falstaff Brewery

The present Falstaff Brewery was conceived by Messrs. Parkes following the purchase of the property adjacent to the Falstaff Freehouse. This property consisted of a house with a number of industrial outbuildings.

During the summer of 1999 the original 1903 workshops were restored and adapted into a brew-house.

The equipment, much of which came from the Bevvied Bull Brewery, was delivered and installed during the autumn. The brewery ceased brewing in 2001 after a number of problems and lay dormant.

In July 2003, the brewery was leased by Jim and Steph who then began the complex task of resurrecting it.

The first brew took place on 2nd of December with brewer Dave Corby, A warming copper coloured ale with a complex flavour and a sweet edge called Phoenix at 4.7% was launched in the Falstaff on December 12th to a rousing reception.

Since then the brewery has created a regular stable of 5 beers and monthly themed specials. The first theme was Spaghetti Westerns with beers such as Beer With No Name, Fist Full Of Hops and Good, Bad And Drunk. This was followed by a Shakespearean theme with beers such as To ABV or not to ABV and Taming of the Brew. The theme for 2006 was the Rocky Horror Picture Show, 2007 Comedy Greats, 2008 Dr. Who, 2009 Constellations and 2010 Mythical Creatures.

The brewery's capacity has since been increased to meet the growing demand for our beers.

We also brew an exclusive range of beers for JD Wetherspoons' Babington Arms in Derby. We supply a different beer each month named to tie in with the theme of our monthly specials.