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Falstaff Pub Ghosts!

It's said that spirits draw energy from electrical appliances in order to gather the strength to be able to move objects. There are many photos of ghostly activity that are proved to be fakes and some that are unexplainable. Here are a number of photographs taken in the Falstaff. They come from different cameras and the photos were taken on different nights. At the time the photos were taken, nothing unusual was noted by anyone present. Examine the photos closely. Look at which parts are in focus. Look at the odd light effects on many of the photos. Can you explain them? We can't. We don't know if these photos show activity from another world or if there is a scientific explanation. We only ask that you make your own mind up on the issue. Enjoy your drink and the company but remember, as our ghost discovered. When it comes to the Falstaff... You'll Never Leave!!!

The Falstaff has had many strange occurrences. Stories of the ghosts are common among staff and customers alike. The Ghost Club Society UK completed a night study in March 2005 and managed to capture on video some rather large and erratic light orbs and recorded ghostly footsteps on tape in an empty room. Since then CE Paranormal have also completed two night studies and also recorded light orbs on camera and found control objects moved in empty rooms. Both groups have found evidence to prove that something paranormal is occurring on a regular basis in the Falstaff.

One late night after the pub had shut for the day in February 2003 Jim and Steph had come to stay with Adrian to discuss their imminent take over of the Falstaff. Steph had packed an overnight bag in her flat and zipped it up. On entering the pub the bag was placed, still zipped in the corner of the back room and ignored. Jim left his keyring on the fridge in the front bar after using the small torch attached to it. At about 2 o' clock in the morning Jim went to retrieve his keys before retiring for the night, The keys completely disappeared. Jim and Steph searched the pub looking for the keys in vain. Eventually in desperation, Jim unzipped Stephs bag and took out the contents. There at the bottom of the bag, that had been packed in Aston and remained zipped all night, lay the lost keys!

A previous landlord tells us of his extreme discomfort whilst living in the Falstaff. A young man in good health, who had run many other pubs without incident, living in the Falstaff, was somewhat of an ordeal. Although he never actually saw anything, his experiences were enough to unnerve him. If the tendency for glasses to explode behind the bar weren't enough to put him off, the atmosphere in the pub after hours was. This landlord felt very fearful in the pub alone at night. Once upstairs he would refuse to come back downstairs till morning, no matter what he realized he'd forgotten.

Sitting in the pub one night after hours with a couple of friends, Jim and Steph watched a piece of pool chalk fall off the bar. Not unusual I hear you say. Until we look at the details. No-one was anywhere near the bar. There were no drafts or vibrations. The pool chalk did not just tumble from the bar but first went upwards and prescribed a perfect arc before dropping to the floor. Jim and Steph chose to ignore the chalk until morning.

Staff and customers often report seeing a figure walking behind the bar. The apparition wears a dark shirt and a light, possibly cream shirt. No facial features are obvious. Cats do not like the downstairs area of the Falstaff, although dogs don't seem concerned!

When Jim first moved into the Falstaff, he didn't believe in ghosts. He firmly believed that it was all a load of rubbish. One night Steph had gone to bed leaving Jim to lock up the pub. Jim appeared upstairs a while later as white as a sheet clutching a bottle of Scotch and a glass. When Steph asked what was wrong it emerged that as Jim was switching of the lights having already checked the pub to make sure it was empty and locked. Without warning a handbrush flew over the bar and missed his head by millimetres. Jim knew the pub was empty. Steph went down to switch off the remaining lights!

During pub closing one night a friend Matt had been put in charge of the front door key. He was unlocking the door and letting people out when their taxis arrived and locking the door behind them. While he was doing this Steph went and locked the toilet. Keeping the keys in her pocket. After this Matt let the last remaining customers out of the pub and locked the door. When Matt was ready to leave he went to get the front door keys out of his pocket so that Steph could lock the door behind him but they were missing. The two searched everywhere to find the missing keys. In desperation Steph unlocked the gents toilet (the keys to which had been in her pocket all the time) There in the middle of the toilet floor were the front door keys!

One evening in the pub the clock suddenly flew off the wall, across the bar and smashed to smithereens. There were a number of customers who witnessed the event and all agree that there was no one anywhere near the clock. No vibrations or drafts and no obvious explanation as to how the clock had been thrown from the wall.

One day Jim asked a friend to help him with some odd jobs around the brewery. All the tools were kept in the pub cellar and the two fetched the tools they needed before beginning work for the day. At one point during the afternoon, Jim nipped out to fetch some parts they needed and rather than going straight back to the brewery when he returned he called In the pub to check everything was ok. While he was there one of the beers went and the barmaid who was busy serving customers asked him to go down in the cellar to change the barrel. On his way into the beer cellar Jim saw someone in the tool store and assuming it was his friend fetching some tool they had forgotten shouted out to him as he passed the door. Getting no response he backtracked and entered the room. The room was empty! On returning to the brewery his friend informed Jim that he hadn't left the brewery for over an hour. The key to the locked cellar had hung behind the bar in full view of all the customers until Jim took it to changed the barrel.